Raspina Collection, a leading Iranian brand in women’s clothing now, commenced his career as a local women’s clothing store from 1991 in Hamedan, Iran.

In his way to get ahead, Raspina inaugurated his first professional and hi-tech production line in 2015 to produce and supply quality garments for women.

Through serious endeavors by the managers and staff of the collection, Raspina has now proudly achieved the following honors in rather a short period of time:


  1. Elected and honored as the “Persistent Figure of Industry, Mine, and Business ” in “IRAN Management Persistent Figures Congress” held on October 4, 2018 in IICC, Tehran (the  IRIB International Conference Centre”
  2. Membership of Iranian Clothing Industry Association
  3. Membership of the Union of Iranian Clothing Exporters.
  4. Presence in the list of “One Hundred Top Brands” of the country in 2017
  5. Selected as the superior brand in Hamedan province in 2017 (Hamedan the capital of history and civilization in Iran)
  6. Selected as the Superior Entrepreneur in Hamedan province in 2017 (Hamedan the capital of history and civilization in Iran)
  7. Elected Mr. Afshin Parsaei, the CEO of the collection, as a veteran of clothing in 2017
  8. Known as an active member of the exhibition at the level of the country in the years 2016 and 2017
  9. Selected as the top brand of the Tehran International Trade Fair in the year 2017

And, now faced with a good fortune, Raspina desires set for export of his quality garments to valuable markets in various countries, worldwide.

Raspina’s goals:

1-respect to customer

2-Supply of quality goods

3-Identify authentic domestic production

4-Supply of goods with a minimum profit

5-Responsiveness about the quality of products sold

The high goals of Raspina:

Raspina is now a successful entrepreneur working around 300 children from our beloved country.Managing Raspina by creating seasonal and annual auctions at the national and provincial levels, with the cooperation and participation of domestic producers as well as the association of garments, has been able to offer the best quality and affordable goods to its customers.

We are the best because we are confident in our products

Raspina is a fairy tale